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RGA Henley is growing and we have what we believe to be the friendliest BJJ Dojo in the UK, as well as great training partners at RGA Henley you make great friends too. 

Paxton Gibbons is the Head Coach for both adults and juniors at RGA Henley and a black belt under 10 Time World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Roger Gracie.


Although he runs his academy in Henley on Thames, he is available for teaching and private lessons in London as well. If you would like a taster of what it might be like to have a private session you can watch him training his private clients Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing on Spencers TV Show 'Spencer, Vogue and Wedding 2' (Episode 3) on All 4.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art and combat sport system that focusses on grappling, joint locks, chokes and especially ground-fighting. Its is a system of self-defence that was designed for the street, adapted by the Gracie family to focus on dominating your opponent on the ground. Whatever the size or weight of your opponent it will be used against them. BJJ provides amazing physical and mental benefits and is also a cardiovascular, breathing and resistance workout. The ultimate stress relief! 


Paxton currently runs BJJ classes for Adult Beginners and Intermediate, as well as classes for Juniors and hopes to start Self-Defence classes tailored towards women soon.


Adult classes are currently being held on Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9pm, with the emphasis on beginners in the first hour. On Saturdays we have an Open Mat session from 8.30-10am.

The Junior classes for ages 8-15 years old will be held in our new location in Henley College on Mondays from 6-6.45pm (ages 8-13) and 6-7pm (ages 13-15). BJJ is an amazing sport for children to learn as it teaches them discipline as well as giving them confidence as they learn how to defend themselves. Unlike many martial arts, BJJ requires contact from the very beginning getting the children used to controlling their bodies and teaching them to think quickly in tricky situations. Its the ultimate workout for both their bodies and their minds!

See you on the mats!


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