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Paxton and Roger


Paxton with Private Clients Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing




Paxton Gibbons is the founder and Head Coach of the Roger Gracie Academy Henley on Thames. He has been training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for the last 14 years and has received his black belt directly under 10-time World Champion, Roger Gracie. 


Paxton is a successful and passionate coach having taught at Roger’s Headquarters in London, an academy in Marlow, an Independent School in Maidenhead and at other regional academies in the area. Paxton also offers private lessons to students in London and Henley on Thames.


Paxton’s strength lies in his teaching, he has a very hands on instructing style paying close attention to all of his students, tightening up on their techniques and encouraging individual styles. He is patient and very clear on his instruction, aiding easy comprehension.


He enjoys joining in with the classes, with the warm ups, the sparring, making sure that he gives his time equally to all students. This ensures that his students feel comfortable, relaxed and progress knowing they are getting the attention and teaching that they deserve. Paxton promotes enjoyable yet hard training sessions and strictly follows the respect and etiquette commanded in Roger’s HQ.


Many of Paxton’s students from the Marlow academy have gone on to achieve great successes in competitions, one of these students David Knight says:


“I started BJJ 5 years ago after retiring from a semi-pro rugby career. I needed something to replace the physicality and challenge of rugby and BJJ was the perfect fit. I have trained consistently under Paxton and my other coach Chris for the last 5 years and his knowledgeable coaching and light-hearted style of instruction has helped me progress substantially. I am the current Masters European and British Champion for my belt and weight. I would highly recommend BJJ and working with Paxton as it has made a huge impact on my progress.” 


Paxton moved to Henley on Thames from London 8 years ago. He enjoys the close community spirit that Henley has and is settled here permanently now with his family.


He is extremely honoured that after 11 years he now has the opportunity to bring RGA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, to Henley. He hopes to inspire both men and women, young and old to practice jiu-jitsu, ‘the thinking man’s martial art’. Not only to increase their; health, fitness, strategic thinking, muscle strength, confidence and discipline but also to give them the passion and joy that it has given him.

'Jiujitsu for me is not just a martial art.... it helps me through my everyday life whether at work or at home. My mind is completely relaxed when I’m training. Jiujitsu keeps me calm in tough situations. It’s the perfect therapy for me. The relationship between the questions I encounter on and off the mat are so similar.

The complete workout incorporates mind, body, flexibility, strength, power, determination, skill, guile, the game of human chess!'

Paxton Gibbons, Head Coach RGA Henley

Roger and Paxton

Roger Gracie Paxton Gibbons Head instructor RGA Henley BJJ Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Mauricio and Paxton

Mauricio Gomez Paxton Gibbons Head Instructor RGA Henley Roger Gracie Academy Henley on Thames
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