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The adult classes take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings as well as Saturday and Sunday Mornings.

All classes follow the Gracie Curriculum and are structured to help all students progress to reach their full potential.

The Beginners Classes

The Beginners Class will consist of a 10 minute warm up which will include technical exercises which are vital to jiu-jitsu and will then go through the essential techniques to get you started on your training, open to all beginners.

The Intermediate Adult Classes

The Intermediate Adult Class will move on to more advanced BJJ techniques 


Competition Classes

An extra class exclusively for students wishing to compete 

Open Mat Classes

On Saturday mornings we have an open mat session from 10-11am which consists of a 10 minute warm up and then sparring on the mats either in Gi's or No Gi. We have also just introduced an Open Mat session following the Beginners session on Wednesday evenings.

Private Classes

Paxton is available for private classes in Henley on Thames or in London. For more information or to book a session please email us.  



We will soon be starting up our adult self-defence classes. These classes will be tailored towards women of all ages and will use Gracie jiu-jitsu to teach you how to be aware and alert to your surroundings. They will teach you how to defend yourself against an attacker and react through muscle memory. They will also help you to build strength and confidence through physical interaction in a safe, comfortable environment.


Build friendships! Build Confidence! Build Strength! Build Respect!
In the kids classes we use our own body weight for exercises based on jiu-jitsu warmups and techniques. We learn balance, awareness and flexibility and have fun with a wide variety of games which improve our fitness and gradually begin the children's Jiu-jitsu training.  As we progress we will incorporate more Gracie BJJ techniques so they learn how to use jiu-jitsu with respect and understanding.


Our kids classes will now be on; Tuesday from 5.15-6pm (children aged 6-9), Tuesday from 6.15-7pm (children aged 10-14) and Wednesday evenings from 6.15- 7pm (children aged 8-12) and on Thursday evenings from 6.15-7pm (children aged 14-17 years old). We also have an extra Teens Open Mat session on Saturday mornings 10.00-11.00am.

Kids classes cost £7 per session, Teens classes cost £8 paid half-termly. Official RGA Kimono needed to train, for more information email us through the link below

Send us an email to register your interest and get a free taster class.

New Classes Coming Soon!

Register now to find out more information

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Roger Gracie Academy Henley on Thames BJJ Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Kids Classes
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